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Giannios Family Tradition

Back in 1910, our grandparents wanted to share the deliciousness of their secret chocolate and candy recipe with others.  So, they began making 5 to 10 pounds a day from their home kitchen and selling it to friends and neighbors.  Their specialties back then included chocolate covered walnuts, a family favorite.  Our grandparents valued the importance of keeping family traditions alive, and that is why they wanted to pass down the secret recipe to the younger Giannios generations.  Grandpa Giannios taught his grandsons, John and Greg, the art of candy making at a very young age. John fell in love with it, and after graduating from high school he started making candy at home using the recipes and techniques his grandfather taught him. He had a modest business at first, making 50-60 pounds a week and selling it on the weekends.  Giannios uses the finest raw goods from all over the world to ensure its chocolate is being made with the finest and freshest ingredients available.  Giannios remains a family owned and operated company based in Struthers, OH and is celebrating 100 years of being in business.  It continues to bring smiles to people who love great, handmade milk chocolate!